Doggy do
UX/UI Design for Dogs
UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design
Mafia City
Perka App Redesign
perka app redesign
Contemporary Architectures of NY Museums
Editorial Design School Project (SVA) Instructor: Timothy Samara This book is about contemporary architectures of New York Museums that are Solomon.R Guggenheim, (previous) Whitney museum, and New museum,
Coldplay - Fix You
Vinyl Cover design & Typography design School Project (SVA) Instructor: Jessica Walsh It is for specific song, 'Fix You' by Coldplay who is famous British Band. Materials: Acrylic panels, black colored nuts and bolts.
Toni Morrison
Book cover design School Project(SVA) Instructors:Nic Taylor & Brett Kilroe Toni Morrison's books are about African American female. So, this folded type book cover simply show what it is about.
Art Sense
Art sense is an interactive design to give information about exhibitions easily.
BW magazine
Editorial Design School Project (SVA) Instructor: Carin Goldberg BW(black and white) is a Photography magazine. All featured images are by Edward Weston.
5 Artists
POSTER DESIGN School Project (SVA) Instructor: Richard Mehl (El Lissitzky, Fernand Leger, Wassily Kandinsky, Kurt Schiwitters, and Piet Mondrian)
Editorial Design School Project (SVA) Instructor: Richard Mehl This book is based on my paper about 'Candide' by Voltaire. It has three chapters of 'Candide' related to my opinion. The size is 6"x 8".
King Jagiello Monument
School Project (SVA) Instructor: Richard Mehl King Jagiello Monument is located in the Central Park, New York City. By rubbing typeface on this monument, finding typeface was one goal for this project. All rights reserved images. The size is 6"x10".
School Project (SVA) Instructor: Andrew Freeman This project consists of Three small books with their package. The first book is about rice. Second one has recipes of Rice balls with many ingredients. The last one is special recipes using rice. All recipes are made by myself.
aligned foods
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