Social Media Ads
Social Media is the most impactful for marketing. On the Simple Habit Facebook, Team posted 'Best Guided Meditations' for study, work, sleep, relax, and other more subjects to attract to specific target audience. I created each of images that matched each meditations for this posting.
Facebook Ads have the best user engagement. Those videos has a demo of meditations which is really in Simple Habit platform. In this video, Each of elements like Sound icon, Play icon, titles, reviews by users has different impact. So, tried out various type of videos such as Horizontal, Vertical, and Rectangular. with different elements to check which works better. Also, using those videos for Instagram Story Ads.
Email Design
Simple Habit has Email Subscription to introduce new meditations, discount for limited Groupon event, and National Holidays.
GIF type of Email Design worked best. Others was tried with only still images of meditations and with simple icons.
HTML/CSS skill was needed to manage this design.
App Store Video (Link)
App Store by Apple allows to upload few images to introduce app on the App Store. To show more features, this video was created for both Android and Apple App Store.
Web Design (Link)
This page is only for corporate. Thus, It has people images which are bright and positive feeling. All the buttons are going to 'See pricing'.
Only for Podcast Listeners. There was Podcast Ads which are short and Simple, so this page contains more information of Simple Habit platform. All the buttons are going to 'Get App To Start Free Trial'. 
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