History of Hair Color

Book design School Project (SVA) Instructor: Jessica Walsh This book explain each hair colors (white, black, red, blue, and blonde) has their own interesting history. Materials: colored wigs.

3400 B.C. Ancient Egyptians began using henna to camouflage their grays.
In the Dark Ages, red hair first appeared as the result of a genetic mistake.
For many years, people with natural red hair were wubjected to suspicions of wichcraft.
However, in the 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth I's natural vibrant red hair made it more acceptable.
Blue hair has been descibed as a "sacred aesthetic"  in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia,
where lapis lazuli was used in funerary art and statuary.
VIctorian women used large hats with an open top to expose their treated hair to the strong sun.
At the same time, gray hair was popular, brining back hair powder to heighten the affect.
Blonde has been always popular. 1953, Debut of Marilyn Monroe's hit, Gentlemen more prefer blondes.
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